MSc in Public Health

  • Providing a high level of postgraduate education to graduates of universities and technical institutes, in the field of Public Health

Τhe Postgraduate Program in “Public Health” was re-established by decision no. 1366/20840 (Government Gazette 2969 / 24.7.2018 / t.BD) and is valid, as approved by the Senate of the University of Patras (no. 134 / 20.4.2018) and the Assembly of the Department of Medicine (no. 695 / 19.03.2018). The MPS is subject to the regulations governing the Postgraduate Studies at the University of Patras.

The MSc “Public Health – Public Health”:

  • Aims to provide a high level of postgraduate education to university graduates in the field of Public Health.
  • Includes the study of the most important modern problems of Public Health, the study of ways of prevention and treatment, mainly at the level of social groups.
  • Leads exclusively to the award of a Postgraduate Diploma (BMI) in “Public Health” in the following specializations: a) Health and Environment b) Preventive and Social Medicine.

Graduates of the faculties are accepted:

  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health Finance
  • Law
  • Related Departments of Universities and Technological Educational Institutions (ΤΕΙ) of the country
  • Overseas recognized institutions abroad, whose degree has been recognized by Interdisciplinary Organization for the Recognition of Academic Degrees & Information (IORADI)

Additional objectives of the MSc:

  • To provide training in Public Health to scientists whose previous training and experience, enables them to engage in Public Health.
  • To provide training adapted to the different fields of origin of the candidates and to provide them with the bases for a future career opportunity in the field of Public Health.
  • To help the graduates of the Postgraduate Program acquire an important and deep  knowledge field in the subjects of Public Health.

Minimum duration of studies:
Three (3) academic semesters, including the time of preparation of the Diploma Thesis, as defined by law.

  • The maximum duration of study may not exceed twice the time of the normal duration of study, as defined in the decision to establish each MSc Therefore, the maximum duration of study at the MSc is six (6) semesters.
  • At the request of the student (who has successfully completed the first semester of studies), a suspension of study may be granted, which is not counted in the duration of studies. The suspension of attendance cannot exceed two (2) consecutive semesters.
  • Only in exceptional cases (indicative: illness, workload, serious family reasons, military service, reasons of force majeure) may an extension of studies be granted for up to one year, following a reasoned decision of the Assembly of the Department.

Selection process

Degree or diploma

Failure to meet criterion 1 renders the proposal rejected. Grading: Up to 30 points depending on the degree multiplied by 3

Research activity and publications - Work experience

Additional Scoring. Grading: Up to 10 points for a project certified by the scientific manager or director of each project / work

Knowledge of English language

Grading: Excellent knowledge: 15 points, Very good knowledge: 10 points, Good knowledge: 5 points


If the candidate does not attend the interview, he / she is rejected. Scoring: Excellent: 35 points